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Canon Printer Repairs offer a fast and professional onsite repair service for Canon office printers. If your Canon laser printer has developed a fault or broken down we can help. We are specialists in Canon printer repairs and all our work is guaranteed.

Common Canon printer problems
Canon Printer Repairs
  • Printer paper jams
  • Toner leaking
  • Printer has no power
  • Print quality is poor
  • Fuser unit is faulty
  • Paper is creasing
  • Black lines
  • Error code
  • Printer is making noise
  • Not printing

  Mono Printer Repairs Colour Printer Repairs
Canon Printer Repairs

We can respond quickly to any printer problems you may have. If replacement Canon printer parts are required these are only fitted when our estimate is accepted.
  • Printer Repair Services
  • Printer Service and Maintenance

For all Canon printer problems and faults please contact us for a free no obligation repair quotation.

Models of Canon Laser Printers we repair include:
  • Canon LBP 2900
  • Canon LBP 3300
  • Canon LBP 6300
  • Canon i-sensys MF212
  • Canon i-sensys MF4750
  • Canon i-sensys MF8280
  • Canon i-sensys LBP3010
  • Canon i-sensys LBP6020
  • Canon i-sensys LBP7200
  • Canon i-sensys LBP7780
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Canon iPF Plotters we repair include:-
Canon imagePROGRAF | Canon iPF 755 | Canon iPF 6000 | Canon iPF 710 | Canon iPF 750 | Canon iPF 605 | Canon iPF 670 | Canon iPF 700 | Canon iPF 5100 | Canon iPF 6450 | Canon iPF 8000 | Canon iPF 9400 | Canon W6400 | Canon W8400 | Canon W6200 | Canon W8200 | Canon iPF W8400 | Canon iPF 760 | Canon W6350 | Canon W6300 | Canon W6300S | Canon W6200 | Canon W 6100 | Canon W600S | Canon W605 | Canon W8000 | Canon W9000 | Canon W6200 W6400D W6400 W7200 | Canon W8200 | Canon W8400D | Canon W8400 | Canon iPF500 | Canon iPF600 | Canon iPF605 | Canon iPF650 | Canon iPF655 | Canon iPF680 | Canon iPF681 | Canon iPF685 | Canon iPF700 | Canon iPF720 | Canon iPF750 | Canon iPF755 | Canon iPF781 | Canon iPF785 | Canon iPF810 | Canon iPF815 | Canon iPF820 | Canon iPF820 PRO | Canon iPF825 | Canon iPF5000 | Canon iPF5100 | Canon iPF6100 | Canon iPF6200 | Canon iPF8100 | Canon iPF9000 | Canon iPF9100 | Canon iPF6000S | Canon iPF8000S | Canon iPF9000S | Canon iPF6300 | Canon iPF6300S | Canon iPF6350 | Canon iPF6400SE | Canon iPF6410SE | Canon iPF8300 | Canon iPF8300S | Canon iPF8310 | Canon iPF8310S | Canon iPF8400SE | Canon iPF84100SE | Canon iPF760 | Canon iPF765 | Canon iPF6400 | Canon iPF6450 | Canon iPF8400 | Canon iPF9400 | Canon iPF9400S | Canon iPF 780 | Canon iPF 781 | Canon iPF 785 | Canon iPF 786 | Canon iPF6400 | Canon iPF 6410SE | Canon iPF8400.

Our Engineers support the following makes of Canon imageRunner repairs
Canon iRC1021i
Canon iRC1028i
Canon iRC1028iF
Canon iRC2020
Canon iRC2020i
Canon iRC2020L
Canon iRC2025i
Canon iRC2030
Canon iRC2030i
Canon iRC2100
Canon iRC2220i
Canon iRC2220L
Canon iRC2225i
Canon iRC2230i
Canon iRC2380i
Canon iR C2620
Canon iR C2620n
Canon iR C2880
Canon iR C2880i
Canon iR C3080i
Canon iR C3100
Canon iR C3200
Canon iR C3220
Canon iR C3220N
Canon iR C3380
Canon iR C3380e
Canon iR C3380i
Canon iR C3380N
Canon iR C3580
Canon iR C3580i
Canon iR C3580
Canon iR C3880i
Canon iR C4080i
Canon iR C4580i
Canon iR C5030i
Canon iR C5030
Canon iR C5030i
Canon iR C5035
Canon iR C5035i
Canon iR C5045
Canon iR C5045i
Canon iR C5051
Canon iR C5051i
Canon iR C5185i
Canon iR C5235i
Canon iR C5240
Canon iR C5240i
Canon iR C5250
Canon iR C5250i
Canon iR C5255
Canon iR C5255i
Canon iR C5800
Canon iR C6800
Canon iR C7055
Canon iR C7055i
Canon iR C7065
Canon iR C7065i
Canon iR C7260i
Canon iR C7270i
Canon iR C7280i

CANON LBP printer repairs for the following models:-
i-SENSYS LBP-6670dn
LaserShot LBP-1000
LaserShot LBP-1120
LaserShot LBP-1210
LaserShot LBP-1260
LaserShot LBP-1260 Plus
LaserShot LBP-1260c
LaserShot LBP-1310
LaserShot LBP-1610
LaserShot LBP-1620
LaserShot LBP-1760
LaserShot LBP-1760e
LaserShot LBP-1810
LaserShot LBP-1820
LaserShot LBP-2000
LaserShot LBP-22X
LaserShot LBP-2410
LaserShot LBP-2900i
LaserShot LBP-3000
LaserShot LBP-3200
LaserShot LBP-3260
LaserShot LBP-32X
LaserShot LBP-3300
LaserShot LBP-3360
LaserShot LBP-3460
LaserShot LBP-350
LaserShot LBP-4
LaserShot LBP-4 III
LaserShot LBP-4 III PLUS
LaserShot LBP-4 LITE
LaserShot LBP-4 PLUS
LaserShot LBP-430
LaserShot LBP-430w
LaserShot LBP-460
LaserShot LBP-465
LaserShot LBP-470
LaserShot LBP-4L
LaserShot LBP-4LX
LaserShot LBP-4U
LaserShot LBP-5000
LaserShot LBP-5100
LaserShot LBP-5200
LaserShot LBP-5300
LaserShot LBP-5360
LaserShot LBP-5960
LaserShot LBP-62X
LaserShot LBP-660
LaserShot LBP-660NT
LaserShot LBP-8 II
LaserShot LBP-8 IV
LaserShot LBP-800
LaserShot LBP-810
LaserShot LBP-850
LaserShot LBP-860
LaserShot LBP-870
LaserShot LBP-880
LaserShot LBP-910
LaserShot LBP-BX II
LaserShot LBP-SX
LBP-4 III Plus
LBP-8 III Plus
LBP-NX 600

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